About Us

Greater Good Marco, Inc.

Who We Are

We are a local, Faith based non-profit organization, operating within a traditional Biblical Worldview. Our initiative is to develop a program of overall City Transformation by networking with like minded groups already in place. 

Our Vision

To fulfill the Great Christian Commission (Matt. 28;19-20) for Community Engagement in Collier County, FL (primarily Marco Island) by positively impacting the 7 Spheres of Influence.

Our Method

There are numerous individuals and groups already in this area performing the work independently “in their own silos”.  They need to be identified, properly approved, resourced and then put in collaboration with each other for maximum productivity.

NOTE: We solicit NO DONATIONS for our own, but rather request that all Contributions be made to the Sponsors of the Featured Projects & Initiatives.

Positively Impacting

The Seven Spheres of Influence

Education & Science

Improve K-12 education levels in all Florida state rankings for Reading, Writing, Mathematics & College Preparation.


Strengthen traditional families by promoting virtuous living, personal responsibility, love for country, ensuring a safe environment for healthy personal development.


Support for the Bible believing Christian Church and affiliated organizations in their work of the education of and transformation of individuals through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


Support Civic Responsibility, Integrity, Accountability and Open Transparency in development of the Code of Law and its Equal Enforcement.


Promote Truthful, Fact Filled, Non-Biased Reporting. No Propaganda, Political Narratives or Censorship of  Opposing Viewpoints. Asking tough, but fair questions – Bringing Truth To Power.


Promote and highlight those local businesses that provide excellent service, high quality products, display integrity in all their dealings and give back to their Community.

Arts & Entertainment/Sports

All Shows, Presentations, Projects and all Public Content be positive, uplifting, wholesome and free from vulgarity in all forms.  Entertaining while educational.